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Culture, impressions, and traditions in South Tyrol

Tucked away, yet wonderfully accessible. At the Presulis Apartments & Restaurant, you are within easy reach of our region’s most inspiring, authentic, and vibrant events, markets, and food and music festivals. Immerse yourself in the traditions of South Tyrol and let yourself be carried away by our carefree way of life.

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Törggelen: in the name of bonhomie

At the end of the grape harvest, when the leaves on the vines take on autumnal colours, Törggelen begins in South Tyrol. This centuries-old custom involves taking a walk through the vineyards and forests, combined with a visit to a farm tavern where the South Tyrolean innkeeper will serve up their delicacies. It’s an authentic experience not to be missed!

Völser Kuchlkastl: a culinary tradition

October marks the season of the Völser Kuchlkastl, a culinary highlight for gourmets from near and far. The devoted Völs innkeepers present local and down-to-earth dishes made from the best seasonal and regional ingredients, ranging from local game and beef to regional vegetables and fruit. The principle behind this culinary initiative, which is known far beyond the borders of the region, is as simple as it is brilliant: old recipes are creatively reinterpreted and adapted to the spirit of the times.

Farmers’ markets: fresh produce straight from the farms

The weekly markets in Völs, Seis, and Kastelruth feature local farmers who sell their products directly. At these markets, you can purchase a variety of fresh and artisanal goods, including fruits and vegetables, eggs, herbs, cheese, honey, wine, juices, and other premium products sourced from local agriculture.

Christmas markets: a very special atmosphere

During the festive season, the squares of historic towns and villages, from Kastelruth to Brixen, from Bolzano to Meran, come alive with magnificent stalls. These stalls showcase an array of local crafts and high-quality items, including handmade jumpers, jackets, and socks, wood carvings, nativity scene figures, candles, crochet and felt creations, sausage specialities, cheeses, herbal teas, spirits, liniments, creams, and much more. The ambience is unparalleled, bordering on magical.

The Schlern Music Festival: chamber music and sound experiences

Every second year in May, the renowned Schlern Music festival, focusing on chamber music, unfolds over several days in and around Völs. Classical and contemporary works are performed by national and international musicians, either outdoors or in unconventional locations beneath the Sciliar/Schlern mountain. The result is an atmospheric sound experience that delights music enthusiasts.

The Oswald von Wolkenstein Ritt: a special kind of tournament

This well-known and spectacular three-day event in Völs am Schlern combines a riding tournament with folklore, history, culture, and lots of fun. Immerse yourself in the past at the Oswald von Wolkenstein Ride, soak up the atmosphere, and sample typical South Tyrolean delicacies.

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