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A holiday in Völs am Schlern: get away from stress and closer to life

Framed by the mighty Sciliar/Schlern mountain and Catinaccio/Rosengarten massif on one side and the beautiful L'Alpe di Villandro/Villanderer Alm Alpine pasture and the majestic Corno del Renon/Rittner Horn mountain on the other lies a tranquil haven. At the heart of this picturesque setting, time seems to flow differently – more consciously, more leisurely, more pleasurably.

Here, in the luxurious retreats of our Presulis Apartments & Restaurant, you can immerse yourself in the calming, slow-paced embrace of nature during your holiday in Völs am Schlern.

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Arrive and unwind: on holiday in Völs am Schlern

Embracing leisure is a true luxury

At our elegant aparthotel, you will find exactly what you are looking for: the ideal retreat to spend your holiday in the Sciliar/Schlern area in harmony with nature. Nestled close to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Dolomites, we are not far from Völs am Schlern, as well as the charming provincial capital of Bolzano and the historic town of Brixen. Yet, we are blissfully removed from the hustle and bustle of the famous Dolomite valleys, offering an escape from their busy approach to mountain life. We warmly welcome you to the Presulis Apartments & Restaurant, inviting you to embrace a lifestyle where slowness is cherished, and every moment is mindfully enjoyed.

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“Our unique location bridges the gap between tranquillity and adventure. Just beyond our doors, the serenity of nature awaits – or you can set off to discover some of South Tyrol’s most stunning sights. The choice is yours to fill each day according to your desires.”

- Sylvia -
Arrive and unwind: on holiday in Völs am Schlern

On holiday on the Sciliar/Schlern mountain, hospitality comes first

Introducing Sylvia, a discerning aesthete with an eye for the extraordinary, and Meinhard, a true mountain soul with a talent for craftsmanship and a love for natural materials. Together, we are the vision and the heart of the Presulis Apartments & Restaurant. United in our efforts, we have lovingly transformed our old house into a collection of simple yet luxurious apartments, ensuring that your relaxing holiday on the Sciliar/Schlern mountain is marked by heartfelt hospitality.

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Here, seizing the moment is easy

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The starry sky

Viewed from a meadow in summer or atop a snowy hill in winter.

The mountain air

Take a deep breath and feel lighter, freer, and happier.

The cheerful birdsong

A symphony of freedom at dawn and dusk.

The warm rays of the sun

In the mountains, their touch on your skin revitalises you.

The cool spring water

Dip your hands in, cool off, take a swim.

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