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Just silence, nature, and you: your accommodation in Völs am Schlern

Our sanctuary exudes energy, tranquillity, and serenity. Just across from our accommodation in Völs am Schlern, the fairy-tale Prösels Castle rises into the sky, a majestic witness to our rich history that spans centuries. During the summer months, the air is filled with the smell of blooming meadow flowers, while in winter, it carries the crisp scent of fresh snow. There are orchards and vineyards, enchanting lakes, hiking trails, and old farms – all enveloped in the pure mountain air. Life here is calm yet utterly captivating. And with each day of your stay, you’ll feel a growing sense of peace within yourself.

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Enjoy the silence: your accommodation in Völs am Schlern

Cosiness and natural luxury: accommodation that enchants

Our aparthotel was once a traditional farmhouse, with living quarters, a stable, and a wooden barn. Just like the farmhouses you can still marvel at during your countryside rambles around our aparthotel. The spirit of hospitality deeply ingrained in such farmhouses inspired us to preserve this distinctive charm in the Presulis Apartments & Restaurant. Meinhard, your host and a trained carpenter, lovingly transformed the place into elegant luxury apartments. Their deep roots in nature are tangible: local wood, spruce with its soothing effects as a central element, stone from our impressive mountain world, and natural fabrics all combine to create an atmosphere of warmth and simplicity, enveloping you in pure comfort.

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Here’s what our guests have to say

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“We love this place, the spa is amazing, and the people are very friendly. The nature is so beautiful. You should try the wonderful restaurant; they have a big selection of local wines.” 


- Jane M. -

“The entire hotel is run with a lot of passion from the family that owns it. You can relax, explore, and enjoy according to your preferences. We come here with our immediate family and friends and always have a great time.”


- Sarah H. -

“We had a wonderful stay at the Presulis. The staff and owners were very friendly and always did their best to organise the perfect stay. The breakfast is extensive and extremely delicious.”


- Paul M. -
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